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1.TMB-C Series Semi-Automatic Flute Laminator adopts adsorption system and manual side feeding system to improve the working efficiency and reduce labor cost. It is easy to operate and maintain. 2.with premium designed gluing roller and anilox roller, the glue is well-distributed, the stickiness of glue are improved greatly, and the production cost is reduced. 3.The stability of the machine are improved after the steel rollers have been balanced and test. 4.The machine adopts hydraulic control system, automatic glue supply system. 5.Photo-electric detectors are installed on the machine and the machines will stop working automatically when there is no sheet on the delivery. The electric components come from well-known international and Chinese companies. Therefore, the machine runs smoothly with very low failure rate. 6.All materials used have passed the ISO-9001 standard and the key parts such as the harmonic gear and bearings are imported. 7.This machine are suitable forA, B, C, E, F corrugated cardboard, and single wall and triple wall corrugated cardboard. It is also suitable for thick cardboard. The paper can be 150-600 GSM. The machine is featured with paper alignment function.
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